Thursday, January 8, 2004

I feel SO good today. Three green days in a row! Not only is my mood sky high, but I'm feeling REALLY thin today. Yeah, the scale is being stuborn, but I'm listening to the advice of someone near and dear to me (yes that's you Marie) and holding onto the idea of trusting in my own hard work! As for feeling thin - my work slacks are REALLY starting to get baggy. I may end up buying some new ones soon, but I'm hoping to hold out until I'm in a size 10. (Which is one of my goals at the end of this challenge.)

Water wasn't as good yesterday, but better then a 'typical' day for me. I'm still feeling swollen and hoping that it's just my body being stuborn. I'll keep dosing it with water and hope it get the idea that I'm not going to dehydrate it again. Yeah, Jeremy, I'll keep in mind that it will do things in it's own time, not mine! I have a few more weeks before I'll seriously worry about it.

Eats were clean yesterday, even with my Working dinner. They brought in subway sandwiches, and I managed to scronge for something to fit into my plan. Luckily, they had ordered some turkey on wheat bread. It had mayo and other 'crap' on it, but I scraped that off. One of my coworkers chuckled as I sat there dumping stuff off a second sandwich but I figure, a few months from now _I_ will have the last laugh.

Unfortunatly, starting at 6:30am and not getting home until 9:30pm left me WIPED OUT. So, I made the executive decision to post pone my lower body workout until today. As I said before this acutally works out nicely as it will push my cardio to tomorrow, and I'll be able to run outside (barring rain) the LBWO I have planned should TOAST my legs... I'm almost dreading the DOMS already, but at the same time, look forward to it! EIther way I plan to PUSH myself for all I can.

Obviously I haven't started my Spirit Mapping yet. From the time I got home until I went to sleep I was planning today's nutrition and review goals, so indepth jornalling is still on hold. I am having a LOT of fun encoraging a few other ladies on thier journey and I'm finding the challenge of being someone else's support is doing a LOT to keep the fire going and to push me to stick to my plan.

Probably the only struggle I'm currently waging is my ever present need to see results NOW. It's only been a few days! but I'm looking for week four results already. I'm not letting it eat me up though. I keep reminding myself that I'm doing the right thing and if I continue to do the right thing good things will HAVE to happen.

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