Friday, January 30, 2004

Yesterday was green - No really obsticals no big hurtles just forward progress and I like it. I kept my commitment to do SOMETHING every day by doing some pilates. It felt really good to stretch and workout in such control. I felt really long and lean afterwords. On that vein, one of the things I DON'T like about not weighing and using the 'pant-o-meter' is my ability to convince myself that I'm not 'really' seeing the progress that I'm having. I'm pretty sure my slacks have been looser of late. Even the brand new 'small' size 14's that I just bought. Since I put them on after JUST washing them and was seeing some baggyness in new places I'm pretty sure that something is going on. I'll take measurements and pictures this weekend and know 'for sure'. Today should be clean - has been so far, though I wasn't as well prepared as I would like. Still I managed to grab a healthy bar, banana, and whole wheat pitas stuffed with chicken... it should tide me over until I can get home. Mood is up, progress is tentative, but green is green!

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