Thursday, January 29, 2004

It's too early to say I'm in the groove, but I'm certainly a LOT happier then I was before! Yesterday was GREAT despite a few potential setbacks. First of all, I had all day meetings - always a challenge. I got up and had some scrambled egg whites and then took a banana strawberry shake with me. By the time my first meeting started the shake was gone, and I was able to pass up the bagels and danishes that abounded. I got some time off for lunch so I had my prepared chicken patty - unfortuantly right after I finished eating I was invited out to lunch with a bunch of people to send off a coworker who was leaving. I went but sipped my diet soda and nibbled on nann while everyone else wolfed down some awsome smelling idian food.

My last meeting was over at 3:00 so I headed for home - it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and I quickly changed into running clothes and I was on the track by 5:00! What a GREAT feeling to run again! I've lost a step or two but really got in a GREAT workout and I'm not at all worried about the drop in my mile time. The track was really soft due to all the rain we've been getting so my foot is completely pain free both last night and today. My legs WERE KILLING me last night (My bum was so sore from my leg workout) but it was worth it. I spent the rest of the night a MILE high.

My meals today are planned and my lunches packed. I'm expecting another GREAT day.

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