Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Yesterday was Green - No problem there. I had to adjust my nutrion a little as I hadn't gone shopping yet but it was all CLEAN eats. Today looks like more of the same, with a cardio session scheduled for later. I'm feeling better today then I have in a LONG while. I've been drinking a LOT more water and I'm sure that's made a difference. Still haven't cut the caffien, but I haven't REALLY made the commitment to do that. I quit for several hours on jan 1st but I felt SO crappy that I caved and started in again. BUT I've cut WAY back and may be able to eliminate it entirely before too long. That is IF I decide at that point that it's entirely nessisary. I don't really feel as if I HAVE to give up soda entirely, I just don't want to be DEPENDENT on it.

I haven't really started my spirit mapping journal yet. Last night's shopping took up a lot of time, so by the time I had done that, fixed dinner, cleaned up, excercised and planned prepared for today, it was time for bed! I also didn't get up as early as I had wanted... BUT I did get up earlier then usual and made it to work 'on time' so I'm proud of my progress. I've also made it my 'job' to bug a few people at work who have expressed an interest in getting in shape. As I said to Cory, knowing I'm going to be asking someone "Did you work out?" make it that much more vital to me that _I_ workout! I've also restarted a daily email support system with a friend, and have been approached by someone who saw my profile on the body for life tracker webpage, and asked for email support. Once again I'm surrounding myself with people who support and encorage me and I can feel myself growing from all the positive energy. This challenge and the susequent transformation is going to be AMAZING, I can feel it! :)

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