Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Yesterday felt like the first day that I wasn't fighting myself every step of the way. Today is good as well. I'm not feeling sky high, but I'm feeling strong. It's very different, but I like it. The best part of today is that I'm wearing my first pair of size 12 slacks.

I feel bad that I've been so up and down here. A real roller coaster ride - I appoligize for dragging you all through it - but believe me, what was going on here was MUCH worse then what made it to these pages.

Today's Menu

poached eggs with toast

Blueberry breakfast bar (oats, egg whites and blueberries)

Chicken Salad (This was planned but my work took me out for lunch - I had chicken, dry pasta and veggies)

Tuna Snack (Tuna, oats and yogurt)

Stirfried chicken w/snow peas

The work continues...

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