Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Two days in a row, MAN that feels good! Today, I'm working on three. A PB for this year ;) I have to admit that I'm going for a 'Marie like' year this year. I know that's setting my sites high, but why not aim high?

I had a cardio session with Billy Blanks last night. Not my first choice for cardio, but until Santa brings my tredmill, it's all I've got. I'll be so glad when it starts staying light longer and I can get back to running outside again. Last night, after I laced up my running shoes I had the most OVERWELLMING urge to RUN! It was SO frustrating to be locked in the house, but there was no way I was going out when it was 45 degrees outside and PITCH black. Needless to day, punching the air with Billy did a lot to vent my frustrations. I really PUSHED myself and even got a cramp in my side at one point. It felt great! :)

Eating has been clean, but I'm still retaining water. I feel a little crappy in that regard with a tummy ache and swollen fingers, but I expect it will cycle itself sooner or laiter. My guess is, dropping the cafein might have something to do with it, after all, I've been ODing on a diaretic for so long that my body is hording water in case I deside to do it again. I expect a flush soon, as I've been dosing myself with pleanty of water over the next few days. I have No soda at home so it's pure water for me from 5:00pm on and that's made a major difference. Plus I'm drinking 32 oz AT LEAST at work at my desk.

I still haven't had time to start my Sprit mapping. I spent some cuddle time with my sweetie last night in time, which is more important as any journal could ever be. It sometimes amazes me that after almost three years together the flame is brighter now then it was when we were 'supposively' in the 'honeymoon' stage. We watched a really AWFULL movie last night (Shallow Hal), and while I was leaving for work this morning he hugged me close and said "I'm so lucky! I have a woman who's beautiful on the inside AND the outside, that way I can be Shallow!" He's such a sweet goofie man!

Plans today are in place, and I've got my lunches with me. I have a dinner meeting tonight at work, but I'm brining a bar with me in case the food sucks (and it often does). I had to be into work early (along with working late) So, although, I've planned an upper body workout for tonight, I've left myself the option of doing it tomorrow without penalty. Sometimes you have to adapt. Besides, if I have my 'rest' day today, I can do cardio on Saturday and that means I can run outside! Hmmm this is sounding like more a blessing then a problem...

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