Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Friday I leave 'on a jet plane' to fly down to see my sweety who has been 'parent sitting' for two weeks while his Dad is in the hospital. I'll be "Down South" until Monday.
This means 1) I can't do Friday night's upper body workout because - well, I'll be on the plane.

Saturday's run I can do at the park, but I also won't be able to do Monday's Lower Body workout because - well - I'll be on a plane again.

So, today - like a True Committed BFL Acolyte I called my fiance and asked him if he would pleeeeeeeeease please please please find out if there were any nearby gyms so I could get my workout done.

I think he was a little suprised but he hapily did the research for me and found a 24 hour fitness just down the road!

So, Friday's Upper body workout will be done Saturday... Saturday's run will be Sunday and Monday I'll do my Legs in the morning at the gym!

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