Friday, July 1, 2005

This week hasn't been so bad...

I've been eating a lot of greans (salad every day for lunch), trying to keep my portions in control and eliminate the snacking. of all those things I would say I was a success. I'm still feeling crappy physically. My clothes don't fit, I'm tired and just generally unhealthy feeling. I'm willing to give myself some time to get over that.

Mentally I'm struggling. I hate where I'm at, but at the same time finding myself having to really 'work' to be strong. I'm arguing with myself about food and having to fight myself to not negotiate 'comprimise'. I know I'm not feeling strong. One of the first cues is that I'm finding myself attracted to every ad I see for weight loss programs and even 'quick fixes'. Even though I know they don't work I still have to fight myself not to spend MORE money looking for that magic bullet.

There is no magic bullet.


  1. Hang in there, sister. I KNOW what you're talking about! Your BFL saga has been MY BFL saga. Have you ever looked at your pics from your successful BFL challenge and said "and to think I still didn't think I looked good enough then!! Geez, I'd love to look and feel like that again!"

    Well, you can. But you have to make BFL #1 in your life, above all else, until it's second nature. And you need to do it by the book! Joining BFL email lists will help make you accountable, as will telling everyone you know that you are actively doing a challenge. The more you retreat into yourself, the more likely you are to think "ah, well, no one's paying attention anyway, so I guess I'll just scrap this Challenge." Make it SUCH a big deal among everyone you know that you just couldn't face going to work, church, etc. if you gave up on your Challenge. Best wishes to you - if you don't have a BFL list you're participating in at present, join us!

  2. Regina -

    Thanks so much for your note. You're exactly right. Accountability really makes the difference for me. I know this, but I've tried and failed so many times that I hesitate now to tell anyone that I'm 'starting again'. I keep thinking, maybe a few weeks in, when I have my groove back I'll say something.

    I think I'll pop over and check out our group!

    thanks again for your note and support!