Monday, July 25, 2005

I spent a great deal of time on Friday thinking about what I want. It was tempting to say - Oh, I'll start on Monday. I mean, isn't that what you do? Start on Monday? Instead I said, "I'll start now - right this moment." And I did. I had a great weekend. Kept things clean and drank a lot of water. My exercise consisted of walking, but I'm happy with that. The best part is I'm now three pounds down since 7/11 and I'm currently ahead of the game to be 130 by 6/6/6.

I came into work today with five meals planned and packed. My food for dinner tonight is also ready to go when I get home.

I'll do an upperbody workout when I get home, and push myself to my limits (even though I have a horrible sunburn from Saturday.) I'm looking forward to feeling good about myself again.

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