Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oh my aching {enter body part here}

My legs, calves, arms, head.. hehe you name it hurts. But it's a good kind of hurt (except for the head). Yesterday I gave myself permission to take it easy. I was worried about my knees and all. Then when I got home it was like stepping inside a brick oven (it was over 100 degrees outside and my house is made of...well BRICKS). I kept thinking - there is no way I'm going to do a full out 20 min HIIT workout. I waited several hours for it to cool down, then opened a window turned on the fan and started my workout. I started out saying, "I'll do one interval..." Then I convinced myself to do two and at that point I was half way there so why not finish strong. It was hard. I mean HARD. I was seriously feeling the heat afterwords, not to mention the effects of my leg workout the day before(a workout that has left me a little sore in my upperbody as well. Such is the power of deadlifts) But I finished and hit my 10!

The worse part of the whole affair was the heat left me feeling like doing - NOTHING. So I didn't pack my lunch or even eat dinner. (I was feeling queezy) I did have a Fat Free popcicle when I got home. then later (about 11:30PM) I finally felt like eating. BUT when I got up this morning there was no time to grab food. I got to work and had a bar I had stashed in my desk and then later a hardboiled egg I had stashed in the fridge (It was only a day old - really!). Buy 1:45 I was STARVING! And that's when cravings get bad and self control goes out the window. I managed. I gave into the demand for a salami and swiss cheese sandwich, but put off the chips. I now have something for later so I don't get into this position again, but I really have to make this a lesson learned. One must not starve onself - it's bad.

So, the plan today is an upperbody workout. I'm actually looking forward to this one. Despite my exhaustion yesterday morning, as the day went on I found more and more energy. I think my willingness to push myself into a full workout proves that. Today I woke up 'tired' but have found myself energetic throughout the day. I'm getting into that groove to where I can't wait to workout again so I can wake up the next morning and see what new part hurts today... Plus chest and back are my favorite workouts anyway.

I've done a pretty good job of upping my water intake and keeping my Diet Pepsi levels lower. Now I'm ready to see some changes - bring them on!

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