Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Since I've been working really hard on my focus and doing a lot of self motivation, I thought I would share some more of the motivational tools I'm using. Here's another 'self-talk' from the book "The Thin Commandments" -----------------
today, I will stay focused on what is essential, and I will not waste my time on what is nonessential. I have flipped the switch that turns off the thoughts of deprivation in my head. I've seen it all and tasted it all in the world of food. I can succeed at being trim. Each time I say. 'no, thank you.' I say, 'yes' to being fit and successful. Only the the fit say "No, thank you." To be in control is empowering. To have the power to say, "no, thank you." to that which has destroyed my figure and control again and again is liberating. I don't need to look at it, think about it or taste it. I've had enough for three lifetimes.

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