Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I uploaded a photo that I think explains why I was dreading my HIIT tonight. I just KNEW it was going to HURT. It did. Not as much as I expected, but more then I had hoped. It was hard. Not just because of the pain. I think the heat and slight dehydration (or maybe...hmm.. lack of exercise) was effecting me. I just couldn't seem to stay 'on top'. I kept getting a cramp in my right shin (a chronic problem). And my legs felt like lead. I kept pushing though, even though sometimes it felt like I couldn't 'go through the motions' one more time. On the last interval I was out of gas. But I did it anyway - I had to just burry myself in the one place that was not tired and hurt... my heart. I stayed there and focused on the kernel of desire and hope... and made it!
Now I'm going to shower - thank you.

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