Saturday, July 15, 2006

A week of PBs

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You may be wondering what I’ve been up to the past few days. After hitting my goal I had to take a deep breath and gather myself. It was hard work and the last few days were monstrous! I celebrated by have a ‘splurge’ that was good for the mind. I was prepared for the jump in weight and didn’t let it freak me out. I also spent the evening trying on every piece of clothing I owned (just about). I celebrated the ones that fit, the ones that ‘almost’ fit, and celebrated the ones that were too big. I put on and zipped up the ‘party’ dress that made me cry at Christmas because it wouldn’t fit. I showed it the fiancé and he said, “Uh that’s almost too big”. As a moment of triumph I put all but two pairs of my size 16 jeans in the charity box. One pair I kept because it’s part of the ‘set’ of six pairs of jeans a bought a while back from size 6 to size 16. When I started this journey the sixteen’s barely fit... now I wear the fourteen’s. The other pair is the largest pair of jeans I’ve owened I’m going to keep those as my ‘jewel’ to remind myself of where I ‘could’ be should I choose to forget what I’ve learned.

What’s been the BEST though? Is that I have ROCKED the gym this week! I cannot tell you the number of personal bests I’ve hit.

Yesterday while doing legs I did:

Squats: 160 x 9 (plus the bar so that’s 205lbs!)/160 x 9 and 170 x 8 (Yes that’s 225 folks..yippy)

Leg Press: 510 x 9/510x9/520 x 8 WHOOP!

Leg Curls: 135 x 9/135 x 9/ 140 x 9

And then…

Stiff Legged Dead Lift: 120 x 9 (yes – that’s right with the bar I was doing 165)/120 x 9/120 x9

I remember not long ago I was struggling to do 110 on dead lifts and now I’m doing 120!! OMG!

It doesn’t stop there though… today we did chest.

Started with Incline Press: 60 x 9 (again with the bar that’s 105 lbs.. on the INCLINE!) 60 x 9/60 x 9

The we did dumbbell press: (are you ready for this?) 55 x 9/55 x9/55x9 I wanted to jump up and down and scream when I finished I set a goal earlier this year to press 50 lbs for 10 and now I’ve blown that away and I’m pushing 55lb dumbbells around!

Last was the Barbell Press… Now my record for this was 95 lbs (plus the bar) but that was doing this exercise first. I didn’t break that record today but heck it was my third chest exercise but I DID do 85 x 9(total weight 130lbs)/85 x 9/90 x 8

I walked out of the gym on cloud nine!

And to top it all off I went out to run (outside yay!) on the track tonight. I set myself a goal of running a 12 minute mile and made it! Not just once but I kept running after the first mile and made it through the second in under 12 minutes too! Yeah .. I ran 5 MPR for two miles straight! That IS a personal best for me… what a week!

As for my weight... today it’s 189.8 I’m still working off that splurge but it was so worth it!

I should be getting my ‘year plan’ from the coach soon. I’m really excited about the changes I’ve seen and the changes that are ahead for me.



    I keep running out of superlatives for you.

    Keep up the hard work. You are my idol, I want to be like you when I'm older ha ha ha.

    Okay, that's not strictly true, but you're proving all those Christmas predicitions I made for you right.

    You deserve to be so, so proud of yourself.

    I'm going to have stop commenting now, before I totally lose the plot :-s.


  2. GREAT JOB!! You are doing wonderful-and super that you took the much needed splurge break and didn't let it get to you. CONGRATS!

  3. SO exciting to hear about your "celebrating!" Well done hon!!! You soooo deserve it! Sounds like you're on the right Track with this ALL!

  4. Gosh, you are frickin strong! You totally rock!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!