Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One problem...

pigeon point lighthouse
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I've found one flaw with this program I'm currently on... I can't keep myself in clothes! hah :) Down to 187.8 today (yay!) that's right I'm almost at 20 lbs lost. It simply boggles my mind to think about it...

Better yet, I rocked another workout today. I lifted 105... on the shoulder press! Whoop whoop! Lat raises I'm up to 30 lb dumbbells. I promise you that I'm going to get some photos while doing some of these excercises because my upper body just rocks! there's TONS of room for improvement (about 60 lbs worth at least) but it just looks so cool and muscly when I do those two excercises that I can't help but impress myself.. heheheh.

Other then that, things are sailing along. I'm eating perfectly, and getting my workouts in. And I started something new (yeah yeah, what's new?) I... am training for a sprint triathalon. Yeah, I'm too late in the season to be ready this year, but I have one picked out for next year. I figured it was the easiest way to not get bored with my workouts is to have THREE things I was working on and trying to improve (plus my weights). We'll see how it goes :) So last night I did 35 minutes on the bike (12.2 Miles) and then ran for 20 minutes at 5MPR. I'm still so stoked at being able to maintain a pace like that! It's a real big deal for me to be able to run at 5MPR after struggling for so long.

So that's my update! Happy Wednesday all!


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss. That's awesome.

    Beautiful picture too.


  2. GOOD LUCK with your race, and GOOD LUCK to you in general. You are fantastic.

    :-) :-).