Friday, July 21, 2006

The extent of my insanity.

Yellow Rose
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If you had told me a few years ago that I would be hitting the gym at 8:00PM and blithely telling my honey, “I’ll be about two hours,” I would have told you that you were smokin’ crack. But, that’s exactly what I did last night. I was late leaving work and hadn’t done my workout that morning so, it was off to the gym I went. Now, the original plan was that I would do my weight workout in the morning and all the cardio type stuff at night, BUT because, as I said I had slept in I was going to have to do the workouts back to back. Now, here is where the REAL insane part comes in… yesterday was leg day. So my workout looked like this:

Squats: 215 x 9 / 210 x 8 / 215 x 12
Leg Curls: (leg press was supposed to be second but both machines were full): 145 x 9/140x8/145x12
Leg Press: 510 x 9/500x8/525 x 12
Still Leg Dead Lifts: 170 x 9 / 165 x 8 / 170 x 7

One thing I would like to note. Guys, when a girl walks in and loads 170 lbs on the squat bar, don’t stop, stand with your hands on your hips and STARE as she goes to un rack it as if you are just WAITING for her to fail or fall over. It’s just not cool.

Anyway – after killing myself on legs AND hitting a personal best on almost every exercise (I’ve done 550 for 10 on the leg press before) I wandered over the to the treadmill and ran at 5MPR for 20 minutes… THEN I changed and hit the pool for freestyle laps for 15 minutes and 3 minutes of treading water, one of which I did with hands out of the water (egg beaters). Needless to say there was one TIRED Shawn walking out of the gym last night. The worse part was when I went to bed it was so hot and I was so tired and achy that I couldn’t sleep. I finally dropped into a deep sleep at 3:00AM. BLEH!

But, I’m going to go to the gym after work tonight, hit my back workout and ride the bike for 40 minutes. I think I like this tri-athlete training I have something new and fun to look forward to every day!

Oh, and I found another negative about losing weight. Last night while laying on my side with my knees together I had to shift position because the bones of my knees were pressed together and it was uncomfortable. I woke up going... what the heck!? When did I get boney knees? Heh.

Oh and one more insane thing. I've actually agreed to bring my scale with me to England so I can weigh in...


  1. You're not insane :-).

    One thing I would say, for what it's worth is possibly switch Treadmill and Bike around.

    When you think of what someones Legs do on a Treadmill, carrying that Upper Body weight, and even the poor Calves, carrying almost the entire bodyweight, plus the stretching and straining of the Lower body, during a running or walking motion, that's a lot for the Legs to handle, after being blitzed with weights.

    Whereas, Bike, allows for support of the Upper Body weight, so no load bearing on the Legs, there's also less movement of the Legs on Bike, and less manipulation of the Adductor / Abductor area, and connective tissues, so hopefully less additional fatigue in general.

    This might aide recovery of Legs better :-).

    Then you can always do Treadmill after Back instead.

    Just a thought.

    KEEP GOING, you're doing great.



  2. Hye Shawn had to come visit and tell you what a remarkable job you have done this past 8 weeks. Man, my jaw hit the ground when I saw your results. You have been one seriuosly busy lady and the effort is paying off! Great job and I BET you are on cloud nine!

  3. Just stopping by to say hi and to see what new photos you have! I love the yellow rose! Nice job on the squats! I had to laugh about the knee comment... That happened to me, too! I guess the former fat cushioned the knees a bit...

    Take care!