Saturday, July 8, 2006

Still Waiting for the Fat Fairy

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I don't have good news yet - other then I haven't given up. today's weight 191.5 - still trying to get below 190! I did have some really excellent victories though..

Last night I got on the home treadmill and on a whim hooked it up to the computer. I used ifit to program my treadmill and let it go. What was funny was that my #1 requirement was that the program be 60 minutes long... but when I looked through the programs that they had that ran 60 minutes... they all were WAY fast. finally I selected one with a max speed of 6MPR and figured when it got too fast I would just slow it down.

Here's the cool part, it never got too fast! I ran for 5 MPR for 10 minutes, ran 5 MPR at 3% incline for 5 minutes and ran at 6MPR at 1.5% incline for five minutes as well! in 60 minutes I went over 4.5 miles. Yes, I'm aware that's an average pace of over 13 minute mile but that included my warm-up and cool down, and frankly I've never ran that pace for that long in my life!! I guess all those months of slogging along doing my intervals when I was 205lbs has paid off. Running at 191 is MUCH easier :)

Hit the gym today too. I did both my chest and my back workout. I really nailed the back workout... upped weights on almost every lift. It felt fantastic. I actually did 130lbs on the seated row! For chest I did 80 lbs (plus the 45 lb bar) for 8 reps. Now I know I have a higher number on my side bar as my 'personal best' but you have to realize that I'm currently doing flat bench as my THIRD chest excercise. Inclines and dumbbbell presses come first.

Oh - and I'm wearing size 14.. no problem! That's TWO, count 'em TWO sizes I've gone down so far. Now if I can just get the scale to give me some 'love' my world will be complete ;)

And No - I'm not willing to 'cheat' just to get my money back. If I'm going to hit my goal it will be fair and square. with hard work, clean eating and excercise. And when I hit my goal on Tuesday morning, and I get my $250 back... I'm going to go out and celebrate!



    You are absolutely amazing.

    Keep up the hard work.


  2. Way to go on that run! And Wahoo for getting into the size 14s!!