Tuesday, July 11, 2006


In Bloom
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Yes - today was my last wiegh in. This past week has been SO STRESSFULL! My period came at the wrong time, stalled my weight loss (which was going fabulously thank you very much) and put me on 'full alert' this last week. that meant I stepped it up with the cardio (ran more and faster) and kept it really clean eating trying to stuff as many veggies in and dropping some of my 'starchy' carbs.

I started this phase of bootcamp on 6/6 at 201.7. It was a big deal for me just to be at 201 since I had been struggling to get below even 204 for almost a year....

Five weeks later I am 188.7 ... That's right, I made my goal. I lost 13 pounds in 5 weeks!

A part of me wants to celebrate, but the rest of me doesn't want to lose this focus. In just over six weeks I'm leaving for England to get married. I want to look better then I ever have before. I'll be talking to my coach to figure out what's next but I'm sure his advice will align with my goals. Here's to continued success for ALL of you!

Me? I'm going to have a hamburger tonight for dinner...


  1. Shawn, you are going to look beautiful for the wedding. I am so proud for you, and I know Peter has found himself a precious diamond in you.

    You guys will be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of London in a few weeks, and the place will be jumping for sure.

    you can keep this up, and you should be of yourself. you are a seriously amazing woman.

    Don't ever forget your own worth to everyone you know, including us bloggers.

    I'm really hepp you nailed that result, and I'm really happy for everything that' shappening in your life, you deserve it so much :-).

    GOOD LUCK with the coming weeks training, feel proud, keep your chin up and just think about how much you're going to sparkle at the "Wedding of the year".

    WELL DONE Shawn.

    :-) :-) :-)


  2. YEAH.....WOOOO HOOOOO, AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!! I am so very proud of you. You have kicked butt and taken names!!!!!! 13 pounds is awesome...and even more so that you are remaining dedicated during your pre-wedding days!! KEEP IT UP!

  3. What you're coming to England??? And you didn't tell me??????? Can't we meet up somewhere??? Um, OK, maybe you guys will want some "quiet time". lol

    I knew you could do it!

  5. Awesome job Shawn and way to go. I am so happy for you. Way to meet your goals!

  6. OH WOW how wonderful for YOU!!!! SOOO very very Awesomely COOOL! _ ok I"m too excited for you to be writing! I'll just say YAAAAAAY YOU!

  7. WOW - you are doing AWESOME! Great Job!!!