Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I just had to update.

As I've said I've had some trouble with clothes being too big. some things I just bought are falling off me now. So, since every time I try to clip my phone to my pants I have to run around holding onto them I desided to do a little shopping. There's a Dress Barn right next door so I hopped over there after dropping my Visa application to the UK in the mail. Wow was that a great experience! EVERY size 14 pair of pants or skirt FIT! And I walked out of there with a nice pair of size 12 that... you guessed it FIT!

One other note:

I've been a little surpried at my insisity. Yeah yeah boot camp had a lot to do with the last five weeks being so good but seriously, the week it was over I took the break I allowed myself and I was right back in it. And with none of the usual 'fudging' that I tend to do. You know, two splurge meals instead of one... hitting 1400 calories instead of 1300 EVERY day... Two or Three cups of veggies instead of Four. Nope - the next day I was right back in it. I've trying to figure out why.

Yeah the coach had something to do with it. He warned me 'No backsliding'. But without having my goals set in front of me I could have easily gone back to 'good enough'. Then I realized something today. For once I'm not happy with 'average'. Hitting size 14 hasn't made me look around and say, "I'm average sized now, why can't I eat 'normal' again?" Nope... What's changed this? muscle. I've been working my butt off in the weight room for a while now and now, now that I've dropped 20 lbs I'm starting to really see the fruits of my labor! And frankly, I can't wait to see more. I can't wait until I can take off my jacket and people see my arms and go.. Oh my god! I already get that in the gym when I'm lifting but I would like that in everyday life too. I'm loving that every day I find a new muscle a new 'dent' a new shadow where one wasn't before. THAT - THAT has gotten me excited about being not average, not 'normal', but extraordinary! And let me tell you, my fire is stoked.

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  1. You can achieve anything you want Shawn.

    You are an amazing, amazing woman, for whom words don't do justice.


    :-) :-).