Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1 Day down

349 to go :)

Weight today 218.3 - almost 2 lbs down. A good start to the week.

Considering yesterday was my 'first day'. I didn't do a great job hitting the cardio. If there's any such thing as a 'good excuse' I had one. We're still trying to move into our new place, and that didn't get us home until late. I walked the 1 mile to the 'old' apartment, and then hauld a bunch of boxes etc down the stairs so I feel I did do, SOMETHING.

Food was perfect for the day, and my lunch is packed, meals planned for today so it should be the same today. I got up at 4 and hit the gym. It felt to lift some weights, and I did my 1 mile run. I didn't get the full 45 minutes of cardio in, but I should easily get the additional 15 minutes done tonight. All in all I feel it's been a GREAT start.

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