Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Beck Diet Solution (BDS) - Get Ready

The first thing BDS has asked me to do is find a diet coach. I know how important it is. The problem is - I don't have anyone around me that I can ask to do this. My best friend is my husband and frankly asking him to do this would be a disaster. He's got too much of a 'vested interest'. Other people at work? Well besides the fact that 99% of them are men, and frankly I don't want to talk about PMS cravings and water gain with a man at all, much less one I work with. So, I've had to talke an alterantive approach. My diet coach is this blog. Hopefully someone will find it, follow along and help out. I'm also going to tie into some online forums. Although neither is a good as a real live person who can go to lunch with you and watch you order your salad instead of a burger, it's better then flying solo.

The next step is Choosing a Diet: I've done that... the SAMBODDY hybrid diet. I have it all written down on a paper. I'll transcribe it here one day. BDS also asks that I choose a backup diet in case I end up not liking this one. Ok then. BFL works :)

Also - modifications to the diet, unless it's an extreem emergancy, can only be made a week in advance. Changes to the plan are not allow - subsitutions (like food for like food) is ok but only if there is a valid reason. (because I want that is not a valid reason).

Next choosing an excercise program - done that (see previous posts).

And so we begin.

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