Monday, April 28, 2008

Now that I know

Posting from email works... I can update my blog from anywhere! Yay! So the cardio plan. I figured out that if I want to do that 12 k I, going to have to start running now. Pleh. Oh well I'm starting with one mile. That shouldn't be too hard on the bod if I keep it slow.

So for now here's the plan

Monday: 30 minutes of some cross training (boxing etc). And thirty minutes of biking.

Tuesday: 1 mile run and walking to fill 45 minutes

Wednesday: 45 minute swim

Thursday: 1 mile run and walking to fill 45 minutes

Friday: 45 minute swim

Saturday: 1 mile run and walk to fill 45 minutes.

The running miles progress each week to match the running schedule.

Weight lifting... I think I'm going to try something really different. Four week cycles from 20 to 6 reps. That means this week will be 20 reps...ewww.

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