Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BDS - Questionnaire

I thought putting some of this questionnaire up here might help others who are like me. It'll let you know that the person who's doing this is real, with real food issues just like everyone else.

Q. How many times have you tried to lose weight?
A. almost too many to count. I tried once

Teenage Years: the 900 calorie a day diet. the dieters tea diet, the bouillon for lunch every day diet, diet watchers (a book I got from my aunt)

Adult: Weight Watchers, Weight down workshop, ediets, diets-2-go, Body for Life, Leanness Lifestyle, Stop the Insanity, Opra's Trainer's diet, Carb addicts, Atkins... I'm sure there's more

Q. How many times have you lost weight but gained some or all of it back?
A. At least four times in my Adult life I've gotten near or below 175 and then gained it back. Weight Watchers, eDiets (after a year of maintaining 185 after running though the Weigh Down - I dropped 10 on eDiets - then shot back up over 200), BFL, and most recently Leanness Lifestyle.

Q. How satisfied are you with your current weight
A. Not at all

Q. How willing are you to change your eating and exercises habits?
A. A moderate amount. (In reality I love food and wish I could lose weight without having to change anything. And I'm a bonafide couch potato and would much rather be curled up with a book then at the gym.

Q. How willing are you to tell relevant people you're changing the way you eat?
A. A little (I've tried and failed so many times that I hesitate to shout once again - HEY I'M ON A DIET!)

Q. How willing are you to put in the time needed to exercises, shop for foods listed on your diet plan, and prepare healthy foods?
A. A moderate amount (see above).

Q. How often do you eat standing up?
A. Sometimes

Q. How often do you eat quickly?
A. Often (one of my worse habits)

Q. How often do you forget to notice every bite you're eating?
A. Often (see above)

Q. How often do you feel a sense of unfairness that you're not supposed to eat what or as much as others are eating?
A. Often (Again, I'm a foodie and love to eat, and watching someone else eat something I 'can't' have seems like a terrible trial)

Q. How often do you get discouraged when you're dieting
A. Often (thus my string of 'failures')

Q How often do you feel deprived?
A. Sometimes (that's because I have a habit of giving up as soon as I start to feel deprived).

Q. How often do you feel that dieting is just too hard?
A. Often (whaaa poor me :P)

Q. How often do you feel like dieting just isn't worth it?
A. Sometimes (such a instant gratification kind of person - why have the 1lb loss tomorrow when I can enjoy the cake today?)

Q. How often do you try to avoid feeling hunger or cravings (by eating past the point of just mild fullness or by eating snacks you hadn't planned o consuming)?
A. Sometimes (More cravings then hunger)

Q. How often do you think, I really need to eat something now?
A. Sometimes

Q. How often are you unsure if you're really hungry or not?
A. Never (I got a handle on this particular item years ago - one of the few things I have figured out. If I'm eating something because I crave it - or because I'm trying to stuff an emotion, I know it)

How often do you eat more then you should when...

Q. You're feeling down, nervous, lonely, frustrated, or annoyed
A. Often (Such an emotional eater).

Q. You're bored
A. Often

Q. You're trying to avoid or postpone doing something you know you should do.
A. Often

Q. You're tired
A. Often

Q. You're not feeling well physically
A. Often

Q. You're very hungry or experiencing cravings.
A. Often

When you see food you know you really shouldn't eat, how often do you think, it's ok to eat this food because...

Q. It's not a whole piece.
A. Sometimes (If I'm justifying eating something - I'll find a way to justify the whole piece)

Q. It's not that fattening
A. Sometimes (Ditto)

Q. I'll make up for it later
A. Often

Q. I can start again tomorrow
A. Often (or next monday - thus giving me days to binge - last supper-like)

Q. It won't matter this one time
A. Often

Q. It will go to waste
A. Rarely (hey at least that's one hang-up I don't have).

Q. No one is watching
A. Rarely (I usually don't care who's watching - though lately I've taken to sneaking my food behind my husband's back).

Q I already paid for it
A. Rarely

Q. I don't care
A. Often (yep - let's just flip the 'caring' switch off for a while)

Q. I really want it.
A. Often (spoiled little kid - aren't i?)

Q. I deserve a treat
A. Often (again - immature?)

Q. I'm celebrating
A. Often (oh the reasons to celebrate can be many!).

Q I have no willpower
A. Often

Q. I already cheated
A. Often

When you see food you know you really shouldn't eat, how often do you think, it's ok to eat this food because...

Q. People will think I'm strange [if I eat differently from them]
A. Rarely (I'm not into peer pressure. and I know that 99% of the time people aren't paying a whit of attention to what's on my plate - they are too involved in their own. the only time I feel weird is if everyone else is eating and I'm not. I have a hard time going to a restaurant and not ordering something.)

Q. If I don't eat it, I'll displease someone
A. Rarely

Q. Someone told me not to
A. Rarely (although this has been happening more often of late :)

Q. Everyone else is eating it
A. Rarely

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