Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BDS - Day One

So today's exercises is about keeping my 'Reasons' in front of my face.

My main problem is - where I feel like this would do the most good. Is places where I really don't want something like this posted: the fridge at home (what if company comes over), at my desk (I share an office with three guys) - so what do I do?

Hmm, well first I'm going to create a soft copy and save it in Word - that way I can easily print it out and I can do things like save it on my phone etc.

That's done, and I've set it to synchronise with my phone so I can have a copy wherever I go.

I've also hand written a list to keep in my wallet - there's just something more personal about a list in your own writing.

so, now WHEN to read it.

1 - put a list up on the mirror so I can read it when I do my hair in the morning
2 - put a list in the folder with my program and meal plan so I can read it while eating breakfast, cooking dinner and fixing my lunch.
3 - put a list in a reminder so that at least once a day it pops up on my computer and/or handheld.

Today's to-do:

Read my list of reasons to lose weight at least once today (DONE)

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