Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Two days down - 348 to go

All the weightloss honeymoon. I love it and hate it. I hate the struggle around day three where you body has finally realized that you mean business. It starts to get serious about hunger pains and cravings knowing now is the critical time. Most of the time when I can make it past the first week. I can make it for the next 18 weeks. :)

But then there's the benefit. A body that's been stuffed full of salty carby junk food reacts to good wholesome food by dumping gallons fluid that it was using to protect itself. The result? 4 lb loss in 2 days! I never thought I would be happy to see 216 : of course fluid loss can be fickle. I could just as easily rebound today and be a pound or two back up tomorrow. I've got to stay focused and not let that loss lull me into relaxing my diet and falling into the old pattern of lose lose then gain gain gain.

I didn't get any other structured exercise in last night, but I am still moving. I gave myself credit for 45 minutes of 'other' exercise for the hour and a half of hauling furniture and boxes down the stairs last night. The only downside to it all is that I was so exhausted from yesterday that I slept through my alarm this morning and missed the gym. I have my clothes with me here at work, but forcing myself to step away from my desk is harder then forcing myself away from the chocolate. I don't want to lose momentum. What I'm going to do is grab some cardio and yoga when I get home tonight, and make up the missed gym session on Sunday. Since Monday is a rest day anyway this should make it pretty easy to do.

Otherwise, on the surface things are going well. I've got all my food packed and have been sticking to my plan. I faced down many a temptation while at the store. The feast beast keep giving me excuses to have this or that. How I could 'skip' something I had planned in order to work it into my day. I said no to all of it. The closest I came to a compromise is, I picked up some all natural oat bars that I may sub for cereal next week. This week's meals are planned!

I also managed to say no to lunch with the guys. I love going to lunch with co-workers but I always manage to talk myself into eating something I could do without. Worse is the place they ad picked was a burger joint. Even if they had chicken it would have sat there sucking up the hamburger juice while it cooked - and then come with fries. I just don't need that kind of challenge right now. A few weeks from now I might be able to move to the looser version of the program but for right now I need to just say no - to everything.

Off to finish my lunch.

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