Monday, February 7, 2011

Ate popcorn and drank too much Sangria last night.  Needless to say, that 5:00AM came way too soon :(

But, I got up anyway and made it to the gym.  Started my new weight training program - it felt way easy, which was a good thing since I was tired and still felt a little drunk :P

Lat Pull Down: 5reps x 90lbs, 5 x 105, 12 x 115
V Bar Pull Down: 5 x 90, 5 x 105, 10 x 115
Dead Lift: 5 x 75, 5 x 85, 11 x 95
Dumbbell Shoulder Shrug: 5 x 65, 5 x 70, 15 x 75

20 pull-ups:  Week 3, Day 1:  2,3,2,2,10 pulls-ups with 155lbs assistance

Then I went over to the treadmill and tried to roll through a few miles.  I had forgotten how boring it is to run on the treadmill at a steady speed.  I may have to figure out a better way to run in the future... Made it through 2 miles though and it took about 29 minutes so I was pretty happy with that.  Planning to be up to 2.75 miles before the end of the week.


  1. Great job on the weight lifting, especially that early, after too much Sangria.

  2. I hear about about eating and drinking too much. My vice was beer, chips, and meatballs.