Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you didn't know already, my weight loss progress hasn't been what I had hoped. My nutrition hasn't been 100% clean and I've been feeling crappy and depressed. The scale has been bopping up and down and up and down, and even more scary has been the gradual trend UP when I look at weigh averages. Not what I'm going for.

Sooooo - I went back and took a look at Dec/January to see what I was doing when I was seeing losses and feeling better. It's pretty clear to me that the 'just one won't hurt' thing has got to be at least part of the reason. When I got sick mid January I 'allowed' myself a bit of a pity party nutritionally and things really haven't been the same since.

I was also blogging my food daily back then so I'm going to go back to doing that - it seems to keep me a bit more accountable. Probably boring to any who happen to read my blog, but hey, I gotta do what I gotta do.

On other fronts -- well --

Sleep was crap at the beginning of this week and it caught up with me yesterday. I ended up sleeping in and said 'to heck with it' and skipped the gym and worked from home.

Managed to oversleep this morning too, but I forced myself to go to the gym anyway and get in some kind of workout. Hit bis and tris.

barbell Curl: 5reps x 40 lbs, 5 x 45, 10 x 50
Triceps Press-Down: 5 x 50l, 5 x 55, 10 x 60
Alternated Dumbbell Curl: 5 x 15, 5 x 20, 10 x 25

Then I did my 20 pull-ups program - week 3, day 2

Sets of: 4, 5, 3, 3, 10 for a total of 25 (with 155 assist)

I've actually gotten to over 20 total! yay!

I've committed to myself that I'm going to do my run tonight when I get home. I need to get those miles in and I can't push it out anymore or I'll screw up the rest of my schedule.

So, expect to hear from me at the end of the day w/a run and a nutrition log!