Monday, February 14, 2011

Was feeling good after my ride yesterday :) and since Rose always has such adorable pictures on her blog -- I wanted to join in too!

Today was ok - I hit the gym, did a weight workout (back and traps) my pull-up program and then left.

The bummer is that I was planning to go for a run tonight, but then my evening fell apart and that didn't happen.

Food was good though - eggs and sausage for breakfast, leftover meetza and cauliflower for lunch and chicken stir fry for dinner.

Best thing is that I think my weight is going in the right direction again - Yes, I believe we might have progress!  (The three week plateau was getting me down)


  1. The plateaus are the hardest part, but better a plateau than a gain!

  2. I agree with ya whole heartedly Kovas. Would much rather stay the same then go UP!

  3. Nice cleavage shot! Whoo!

    And hey, you may not have got a run in, but you still got a workout in yesterday, so that's still a win.

    And yay for progress!

  4. Ugh. The dreaded plateau. They are awful, but I agree with Kovas - definitely better than a gain.

    Happy you are getting past the bump!

  5. I have learned that if I don't work out first thing in the morning there is no guarantee that I will get in a workout.