Friday, February 18, 2011

The plateau is officially broken!  according to my unofficial weigh ins I'm already down 2.8 lbs this week.  Yay!

I have a chart where I track when I achieve a certain weight - a weight is achieved when I've been at or below that weight for three days in a row.  To give you an idea of how 'stuck' I've been - it took me 25 days to get from 212 to 210 - and it had taken me 16 days to get from 216 to 214 (I hit 212 and 214 on the same day)- so basically it took me 41 days to get from 216 to 210.  I'm all for 'slow and steady' weight loss but that's just ridiculous!

So, what's the difference?  Well, I've added cheese back into my diet.  For some reason, when I'm craving something sweet/snacky or whatever a piece of cheese seems to do it for me almost as well as a chunk of chocolate and it means I can grab something when I'm a little hungry that isn't nuts (and thus a little lower in calories).  At home I stick to grassfed hard cheeses. If you haven't already - you really should try the Kerry Gold products!

The other thing I did was made myself some daily goals.  It's been obvious that once I get to my goal weight I'll be able to eat by the general paleo/primal principles and stay healthy, happy and fit.  But when I'm trying to get my body to burn this fat I need to be a little more focused in my intake.  (I've always know this with other diets, but was hoping it wasn't true with paleo) So my goals are now, eat quality meat, cheese, fat and vegetable matter AND stay in ketosis.  What this has meant is I've told myself; no sweet potatoes just cause they are 'paleo'.  No Reese's "Big Cup" just cause it doesn't have wheat... and many other small but important decisions.  I've always known I was metabolically deranged - but this experiment this week has proven to me just how out of whack my system is.  "Just one" really does hurt.

This weekend will be interesting - Nigel and I are taking a trip down south so that we can take care of some 'official business' for his Mom.  Travel has always been a trigger for me.  I love to eat while driving or riding in the car.  8 hours in the car also usually means several stops at fat* fast food places - so earlier this week I started to work on a food strategy.  Now we have packed up and ready to go, almonds, cocoa roast almonds, pistachios, string cheese, roasted chicken (that I made last night), roasted pork loin (left over from last night) and about 16 hard boiled eggs.  Once we get to Nigel's Mom's house we'll just pop over the the grocery store and pick up some eggs and bacon and we'll probably be set.  My goal is to come back from this trip and weigh in Tuesday morning less then I did today.   And, I've got my keto strips with me to make sure I stay on track :D

PS:  my 5k is next weekend!  Please don't let it rain!

*Freudian Slip perhaps?


  1. I can snack on meat just as easily as junk food, if it's pre-made. Bringing meat on road trips is genius!

    Paleo works fantastically for me for MEALS. I did Paleo for the last four months of last year and loved it. I'm only doing Slow Carb now to try something knew.

    But, yeah, Paleo is harder (For me) snackwise. Beef jerky helps, but hello sodium.

  2. Rose, I know what you mean. I'm just not a big fan of 'today's' beef jerky. Salt - eh ok whatever, but when I was a kid jerky was dry and tough and oh so yummy. In fact, my favorite 'dried meat' was the kind that came shredded in a 'chew can'. Today it always seems like they try to make it soft and chewy. I want the stuff that can be stored forever outside of a plastic bag.. lol

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss, girl! ::high fives::

  4. Just checking to see if you are still participating in the Virtual 5k - ends Saturday.

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