Thursday, February 10, 2011

So, I'm back - like I said I would be :D

Eats for the day were clean!

I started with my standard breakfast of bacon and eggs, lunch was chicken curry from a few nights ago with a side of broccoli and coconut oil, and had a snack of hard boiled egg before driving home.

I was not happy when I left for my run. I had planned to leave work at 5:30 but got stopped by the receptionist. She had lost her keys and I stopped to help her look for them. So, after hanging at work 'til 6:10 then driving in traffic to make it home, then getting frustrated with my hubby (the closest we ever come to a fight), I was finally off for a run with the dog at 8:00PM. It wasn't easy. My shin started hurting, then my IT band, then my whole freaking leg. But I made it through the whole 2.75 miles.

2.75 miles - 37 minutes - 13:24 pace

Not blazing fast, but I've done worse.

Once I was home I grabbed a quick dinner of bacon and eggs with a little cheese on top (I know, twice in one day, but I needed something fast) and then sat around 'til bed time (now) recovering.

Total WW point for the day = 37 - right on track

Good news is, I'm in ketosis and I'm burning fat. I'm not hungry and I'm getting my workout in. Now to try and get some sleep.

'Night All!


  1. Yay for ketosis. Do you notice that your sweat smells like bleach when you're running on Paleo?

  2. Rose, I've had that happen when I'm NOT in ketosis.

    One of my favorite 'fitness writers' and a good friend Jeremy Likness explained where that smell comes from in one of his articles.

    Since one of the causes is not drinking enough water, and ketosis can work as a diuretic on the body, there might be a correlation.

  3. I hate it when things get in the way of my run! But always feel good when I finally get it in! Good for you! I hope the next one feels better :)