Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jumped on my bike for the first time since August.  I took it easy, just trying to get my 'bike legs' back.  What was nice was that even taking it easy I managed to average just under 12 MPR.  12 MPR is kind of my 'default' speed so to be so close to that without trying is cool.

In the 41 minutes I went 8.16 Miles - the perfect first ride.

Food today was interesting.  I started with eggs (of course) and then later in the day I had a spinach, olive and marinated artichoke heart salad.

Dinner required a little creativity again.  I had pulled out chicken but it didn't defrost in time, so I went to my handy dandy stash of ground beef.  But, what to do with it?  Taco meat just wasn't hitting the spot and most other things required the meat be defrosted first, what to do?

I remembered an old recipe from my Atkins days that was going to scratch an itch I've had for a while -- Meetza! (recipe via the link).  It was yummy and perfect for a Sunday night. (and will be fabulous for lunch tomorrow)


  1. The weather here in the northeast is wring up a bit.... Temps up to 50 by thursday, makes me want to get out on my bike too. Still have lots of frozen crusty snowbanks, though. We'll see. Enjoy time outdoors.

  2. Someday I am going to get a bike and try this. For now, I am just looking forward to walking normally and then running again. Happy Monday! Art

  3. Great first ride back in the saddle!

    I saw your nose clip suggestion about my pool problems, but I exhale through my nose...I prefer it. Also, for some reason our coach doesn't want us using nose clips, but I'll have to ask him what his reasoning is for this. Hmmm. Interesting...