Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today I stuck to my training plan and took the day off.  As I sign I might be doing something right, I woke up at my normal time (5:00AM) without an alarm (figures).  But, I'm going to follow through and just take the entire week off anyway.

Although, I may have another (or additive) reason for how I've been feeling.  Because I've been struggling with seeing results on the scale, I started logging my food yesterday.  

Now, historically, I stop logging for two reasons.  

1 - I stop logging because I really don't want to acknowledge how out of control my eating is getting and I'm actually eating double what my body needs.
2 - I'm super focused, have my eye on the goal and think I'm following my plan but in actuality I've taken things too far the other way and I'm way under eating.

These past few weeks I've been in #2 mode.  At the end of the day yesterday, when I logged my food I had eaten just over 1000 calories.  Hmmm, I wonder why I have been so tired.

So, this week I'm getting back to logging my food, making sure I'm getting enough fuel in the tank and hopefully I can get back to working out regularly and seeing results.

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