Tuesday, February 1, 2005

First day 100% on the new program is complete! I went ALL out with the workout and I feel INCREDABLE. I love the way I feel AFTER a workout, I just wish I could remember that those days I don't feel up to it.

Food was right on today. I was feeling really full and a little icky earlier today but since my workout I've been feeling a LOT better and frankly a LOT hungry.

Marie - I have a few questions on my workout - in fact I think I 'messed up' part of it. Not really a big deal as I know I got an incredable workout. Thank YOU!

I was rather excited to find out that 100lbs was NO PROBLEM for me on seated calf raises. Of course that really shouldn't surprise me considering these calfs propel 200+ lbs around the house and work every single day. Those 4 new 25 lb weights came in handy tonight!

I managed 20 minutes of cardio after my shoulder/calf workout. That was all I could manage. I was huffing puffing and feeling like I was going to hurl, pass-out or both, so I figured I would work up to 30-40 minutes :) I've got a few 'new' cardio sessions I want to throw into the pot including some belly dancing tapes I picked up recently. May as well keep things interesting.

My lunches are packed, chicken is defroting, and I'm getting ready to set out breakfast. Workout is done and I'm going to put a lid on the day and call it a success!

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