Friday, February 18, 2005

It was another difficult and long day, but I got it done. Cardio was the same routine as Tuesday and MAN wasn it hard! The great news is that in the same 30 minutes I upped my miles from 2.19 to 2.25! It was really a test of my will power to get through it, but I did!

Eats were good today. I was so busy I had to remind myself to eat a few times, but it all worked out.

One intersting note: I got a spam today that caught my eye. It was a ad for one of those 'diet patches' Now, that in and of itself wasn't really that intersting, but their catch phrase that they were using to entice people to purchase was...

"no difficult and dangerous exercise: w/ this patch" Oh my! not only is excercise difficult, but it's also DANGEROUS! reading missinformation like that makes me want to throttle someone.

Alright then, off to finish work so I can get to bed. Hang in there all!

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