Thursday, February 3, 2005

Lunches are made and I'm ready to relax for the night. I wish every day could be this easy. I guess it could be if I could get home from work every day by 4:00pm! Ah well - it's the life I choose - sortof.

One thing I forgot to mention earlier. I've been avoiding taking the trip to the laundrymatt, so I'm down to the bottom of the clothes basket. And that basket's pretty shallow with this added weight I'm carrying around :P Anyway I grabbed a pair of pants this morning that have been REALLY REALLY tight recently, and put them on. I was thrilled to find they were only 'tight' now. Yes, clothes are deffinatly fitting better, it's not just in my head. YAY! I might be time to start trying on those size 14's sitting at the end of the bed and get a 'feel' for them.

Other then that - everything here is a-ok!

Oh - and that's three green days in a row this month. 10 more and I'll set a record for this year.

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