Friday, February 4, 2005

I'm in an excellent mood and my arms hurt

I need everyone's help here. It's time to do a happy dance and I'd like you all to join in - come on it's great cardio!

First, I'm about a week and a half from breaking the two hundred mark. Yippy! Whoohooo! Right On! 200 is like this 'mark-point' for me. I feel Really Crappy above it and usually feel a cignificant change below. It happens again at 185. It's like this magic line that I cross where my body feels degrees better. Strange I know, but true.

I tried on my Lee size 14's. I specify Lee because they are the new pants I bought at the first of this year, and because Lee seems to run a bit smaller then other brands (On Me). I'm about two inches from them fitting. This, in woman speak, means I can button them but not zip. *chuckle* My guess is that a few of the size 14's I have packed away (Like the Walmart brand ones) might actually be wearable - or a week away from wearable. Ready to dance again? woo hoo!

I wasn't hungry all day yesterday and because of that didn't eat a lot. Did my calories up and I was at 1100. Normally that would worry me but as I said, I wasn't hungry and my energy levels were high enough to do cardio. My guess is that my body will make it up today, and I'm having my free meal tonight, so that works out.

I walked out without breakfast this morning. BUT - because I've done a little pre-planning I've got body-for-life bars in my desk drawer. Crisis averted! *dancing again*

So - the plan tonight is a free meal and probably no workout. I'll do my weights tomorrow instead.

The weekend plans are shapping up to be GREAT as well. If the weather holds we're going hiking tomorrow on Mount Tam we'll be able to see San Francisco AND the ocean from up there. AND get some geocaching done at the same time. I'm just keeping my finger's crossed on the weather.

So - that's about enough out of me. And yes - my arms DO hurt. What's that got to do with me being in a good mood? Nothing really except they hurt a LOT less then I expected considering the workout I gave them night before last. The fact that I can still scratch my nose is a good thing.. heh

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