Tuesday, February 1, 2005

I stayed completely on plan yesterday. I took a walk at lunch and used that for my workout. It wasn't as stenuous as I would have liked, but I haven't been feeling very good lately so it had to do. I also got my grochery shopping done and fixed all my lunches for today - last night. It was so nice to get up this morning and just have to reach in and grab a loaded bag full of food. I've also got tonight's dinner already maranating. All steps in the right direction.

Total weight loss for January 2005? 4.5 lbs

Not great, but not terrible either. I have to say that I'm satisifed with that. February will be even better! I want to get to 195 by the end of this month. Yes it's agressive, but I know that if I stay focused I can do it. My goals for toady are to once again pre-make my lunches for tomorrow and run on the treadmill.

I also need to start thinking about how to handle the end of this week. We've got plans to eat out both Thursday and Friday. At the moment my thought is to eat very conservatively on Thursday as we're going to a burger place and I think I can pass on most the food there without many regrets. However Friday night is a fancy smancy steak house place that 1 - is one of the top places in the country and 2 - is being paid for by someone else. I think I'll indulge :) there are times when it's worth it. Truthfully though, other then desert I don't think Friday night should be that damaging. It is, as I said, a REALLY nice steak house that usually means that they fix NICE steaks that don't require a lot of extra sauces or oils. Then, if I order veggies and take it easy on the potato, I'm doing grand. For desert - yeah, I'll indulge but I'll share it with my "date". I think I'll also put another 'tip' to use, and ask them for a take home box to be brought with my entre' that way I can cut my food into the correct portion sizes as soon as it arrives and pack the rest away.

Here's to a GREEN day!

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