Thursday, March 3, 2005

It's a coworker's birthday today and instead of having the traditional birthday cake that I can easily avoid- the culinary expert of our group desided to make everyone a special treat. He's got a blow torch in his cube and he's carmelizing bananas - or something to that effect. I just know that it smells SO GOOD! luckily I told him I didn't want any that I didn't want any before he even started. That way I didn't have to try to turn down the treat with the smell in my nose. It sure makes it more difficult to enjoy my salad. Oh well...

"Foods may give me momentary pleasure, but my happyness is the greater reward when I look in the mirror and know I'm looking my best, wearing clothes that I've always wanted to wear, feeling fit and glowing with well-being."

It's going to be a challenge getting a workout done tonight. I've got to sit here and monitor the network until 5:00PM and then make two client stops nearby before I can go home. BLEH. That means a late night - and I'll be tired. I'm focusing NOW on working out though so that I know that skipping is no option.

I'm hanging in here!

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