Tuesday, March 1, 2005

You can't eat it ALL and still be thin

"Where food is concerned, even the most mature adults often act like children; like children who want thier way no matter what, blocking out the negative consequenses of thier eating"

I started the day deep in the blues. My progress so far this year has been dissapointing. Especially since I feel I've been doing alright about 85% of the time. There was a time when 85% was enough. I guess it's not any more. I've abused my system too much. I'm starting to feel as if I'm stuck in an all or nothing situation... if I don't do it ALL right, then I get NOTHING for results. On the other hand, I did manage to find one postive. If you consider the fact that I gained 33 pounds in 10 months (Yes I just went back and checked my records - I weighed 175 in March of 2004 and ended the year at 208) and I've managed not to gain ANY in the past 2 - that's progress right?

Ok - enough of that. I'm doing what I can to shake off these negative thoughts. I can't change last year, all I can do is work on changing THIS year. I'm going to make March MY MONTH! I will focus on my obligation and on eating correctly. AND I will focus on making my body as healthy as possable by excercising daily. I've got a little less then four weeks left in this challenge and I'm going to make them count! Soooo March goals are this...

By April 1st I will -

Weigh 192 or less
have eaten on plan every day of the month (Free days only as 'planned')
have done some kind of excercise every day of the month (6 days of 'planned' excercises and 1 day of 'active rest')

Time to read my personal obligation and write a little more in my personal journal.

Thanks you all for being here :)

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