Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Kind of funny that most people who see me day after day don't know so many little thing about me like: I'm a complete gear head - I worked on a drove a '71 Camaro for several years. I miss that car.

I'm actually a closet 'cowgirl'. I lived in Wyoming for 10 years, owned a horse that I bought wild and tamed to ride. I'm a certified markswoman with a .22 rifle. Funny how things like that don't come up in the normal day to day life of a IT Project Manager - heh.

I found some interesting info last night. I've been wondering for a while what percentage of my body weight I was lifting when I did pushups. Mainly so I would know how much weight I was moving. Last night I found a website that explained it so simply that I nearly kicked myself for not thinking about it! Basically you do this: Grab a scale and place it on a hard floor in an area where you would have enough room to do a pushup. Then get in the pushup position with your hands on the scale. And there you have it! So I did it and found out that when I do pushups I'm moving anywhere from 130 to 140 lbs (the weight goes up as I lower myself toward the ground) Knowing that - I'm pretty pleased that I did 2 set of five pushups last night. I don't feel quite the wimp I used to :)

Lastly I wondered if anyone had heard about the new 'game' that's come out. It's for game consoles (x-box and PS2) and it sounds so cool that I have it next in line in my gamefly account (Gamefly is like Netflix for games - saves me TONS of money buying games that no one likes, or that my son finishes in one 'all nighter' session. Anyway (sorry about the tangent) the game is called Yourself Fitness and while it might be a little 'under' really hardcore fitness geeks it does look like it would be a GREAT way to introduce people to fitness (like kids for one) There's a couple of reviews online Console Game World and Game Public that explain it a lot better then I could. I'll let you know how I like it when I get it at home (any day now)

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