Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Thanks to those who encouraged me. I realize 14 lbs is a good start. It's just hard for me to celebrate 14 lbs when I still have 64 left to lose!

As for yesterday's 'Bad News'. I'm really not taking it hard. Yeah, they might be telling the truth but I'm not going to set my heart on it. If they call back, then GREAT if not... well I won't be dissapointed because I've already resigned myself to the possiblity. I'm not going to funk about it :) If it was meant to be - it will happen. If not... well I haven't lost anything.

And the update for yesterday:

I got my workout in. I got home SO TIRED that I just wanted to curl up and fall asleep. (I didn't sleep well all weekend averaging about 5 hours each night - the weekend is usually 'catch up time' for me) BUT I knew that if I laid down I would NEVER get my workout in. So I didn't. I changed my clothes, and went outside and did legs. Extensions, squats, deadlifts and curls. The best part is that I'm still walking today. A little pain but manable.

Food was also positive - OK so I didn't reach 1800 calories, but I wasn't hungry. I think my body was still processing all the food I ate over the weekend. The totals for the day: Cal 1200, F/C/P=20/40/33% Not the exact balance I was looking for, but it's a start. Our cupboard's a little bare so making dinner was a challenge last night.

I can say that my head is in the game. I'm totally focused on what Im doing and what I need to do.


I didn't stretch like I wanted. No real reason. I got started doing other things and didn't think of it again. I'll blame it on fatigue.

My water intake wasn't what I wanted either. I got in 32 oz instead of the planned 64.


I want to tighten up the ol' nutrition. That will mean planning more and doing some shopping. The sourdough bread I've been having on my sandwiches has to go. Maybe I'll start getting whole wheat wraps instead. I also want to do better on my water intake. I know I'll feel better overall for it. I want to keep this attitude I've found. The 'just do it' mentality is working well for me.

The Plan
Today's plan is to get in ALL 1800 Calories for the day. Of course, I'm not going to 'force' myself to eat if I'm not hungry. I have a training run for my 5K and I'm going to work on shoulders abs and calves. I will drink 64oz of water.

I think that's it! :)

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