Monday, March 21, 2005

Wow what a weekend. The kids came, it rained, we went to the car show anyway.

Friday night I brought home pizza. I didn't have ANY! Instead I made myself a 'healthy' pizza - chicken, olive oil and fat free cheese on a pita. Saturday we went to the car show and there was CRAP food everywhere! Ice Cream, funnel cakes, hot dogs... you name it. Luckily there were a few 'other' selections out there, and I made it through the day on a skewered teriyaki chicken breast. THEN when we got home I didn't feel like cooking and the rest of the family made themselves corn dogs. Oh the SMELL! I had a 'clean' meal instead. I kept it together through Sunday as well, and for my reward, my fiancé made me "No Pudge" brownies and gave me one HOT as a surprise. Oh MAN was it good. He said he did it because he was so proud of me for resisting temptation all weekend long. The best part was, except for the corn dogs it wasn't that hard. I'm in a good place right now, and I have to say that my book, "The Thin Commandments" has had a LOT to do with it.

I made up my two running workouts and I'm right on track for the first week of my 5K training. Tonight is a 'rest' day from running so I'll do a leg workout. Food is on track again today and my weight is being rather cooperative. This Saturday is the end of the first 12 week challenge for the year, and while the results aren’t stellar, I'm TRILLED to have completed it. I'm Really looking forward to the changes that will come over the NEXT 12 weeks!

Happy Monday (and I mean that in all facetiousness)

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