Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Well guys (and girls) I FINALLY feel as if I've got my groove back. I would have to say the #1 way for me to know I'm doing it all 'right'. I ache from head to toe! and today - I do! Not a BAD, OMG I can't get out of my chair ache, but a oooooh I worked that muscle; ache. I LOVE IT. And today, I realized that I'm finally feeling that one emotion that's the most motivating to me - hope. I remembered what it felt like to be happy in my own skin. To walk out of the house and think to myself 'D*** I look Good!' heh. To want to take off my coat because someone is going to say... Look at those arms! And I know that I'm only about 5 weeks from starting to feel that way.

Yesterday was a good day.

Good -

I ate well, stayed under 1800 calories and kept it really close to my ratios. I hit the backyard as soon as I got home and got in a shoulder workout. A GOOD one too. I skipped calves because I had just done legs yesterday and I was going to run 2 miles so I figured why burn out my legs. It worked well for me and my calves are sore today anyway. I streched as I had planned and did abs as well. OH! and I ran 2 miles in less then 25 minutes! It's been my goal to run my 5K at a 12 min/mile pace and if I can keep the training level I've been at - I'll make it!

Bad -

I only drank 48 oz of water instead of the 64 I had planned. Other then that - the day was perfect.

Better -

I really want to hit that 64oz of water. I've already started and have 16oz down already. I've brought my lunch and feel as if I'm getting a MUCH better quality of food in today. I started my day with cream of wheat mixed with protien powder rather then a Big 100 MR Bar, and mentally I feel much better about that. Mentally - I couldn't ask for a better mood then I'm in right now. I hope to hang on to it as long as I possibly can.

Still pushing to hit 192 by Saturday - I'll be taking pictures (for my last 12 week challenge) and posting them tomorrow since I have the day off.

Happy Hump Day all!

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