Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"Raining Cats and Dogs" would be an understatement today. I ended up having to work from home today because the roads were so bad I was flooded in! I called in and told them I couldn't make it on account of rain. And just to prove how bad the weather's been - they didn't argue with me or even laugh for that matter.

In fitness news - everything is still going along swimmingly. Ever since TToTM hit I've been spending every day trying to battle my unending appitite. I felt like I was starving all the time! And I don't mean "Oh I have a craving let's say I'm hungry" kind of feeling, but a "Stomach's caving in on itself, growing so loud the neighbors can hear it" hungry. I just kept stuffing clean food into my mouth and hoped I wasn't doing too much damage. And I haven't - weight has stayed steady through it all. Today I finally got relief! Normal hunger when I SHOULD feel hungry is back! Usually boughts like these are followed by a nice long stretch of losses so here's hoping the next week's a good one. I've only got three more days left in this challenge after all!

Speeking of the end of my challenge - I'm setting up my next one and filling out some goals already!

Oh and I ran 1.75 miles today AND dropped my time down to less then 13 minutes per mile (Including my warm-up) I'm pretty proud of that. Running a 12 minute mile is starting to get easier and I'm THRILLED at that. So far my feet are holding up - I'm going to keep an eye on things though and keep STRETCHING!

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