Thursday, August 4, 2005

I bit the bullet last night...

Three weeks into this particularly DISASTEROUS challenge so I took measurements. It was pretty much as I suspected - no changes! Although I pretty much expected the results I got (you reep what you sew after all) it was still dissapointing.

BUT, every day's a new day - I'm on track to make this a 'perfect' week. I string a few of those together and things will start to happen...

The good news is that I started the challenge at the begining of this year in pretty much the same spot. Three weeks of 1/2 assed focus - no results and then BAM I got on a roll and by the end of 12 weeks I had lost 18 lbs. I know the program works when I apply it... here's to applying it!

I will NOT give up!

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