Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I hit the gym for the second time last night. It was PACKED again. The funny thing is, I think I see a BFL 'trend' in the place...

Monday night when I was there I was fighting for weightlifting time. Some people were rotaiting three to a machine! But, I noted that though there were a lot of people in the cardio area there were still machines available.

Last Night (Tuesday) I go in to do cardio and the oposite is true. There are people standing in line for cardio machines - as soon as one person got off, another was in their place. Other then maybe pushing someone off - there was no way I was getting an eliptical machine (something I was looking forward to trying) or even the 'escalator' style step machine. I ended up doing 5 minutes on a bike, 10 minutes on a traditional stepper, 10 minutes running on the treadmill (the hip handled it ok YAY!) and then five more minutes on a recumant bike. When I went to check on the weight area - sure enough there wern't a LOT of empty spots, but certainly more then the day before. IF I do end up working out in the evenings - I'm going to have to switch my days.

So, today I did my first morning workout. OF COURSE I have trouble falling and staying asleep last night. ICK. The alarm went off at 4:30 and it took all the will power I had not to hit the snooze button. But I did it - changed and headed out to the gym.

Well, I think I found the perfect time to workout - There were maybe six people in the weight area and maybe 7 on the cardio machines. You could tell they was a 'regular' crowd. People were commenting to each other as they worked out things like, "Hey you're late this morning!" or "Stop sitting around and get to lifting - only 30 seconds rest between sets" It was fun.

And I KILLED my legs! In the three years I'm been (trying to) doing BFL I have never had such a leg workout! Although I can do most everything at home that I did at the gym there is something about the atmosphere that really goads me into doing MORE. What really topped it off was getting to do the leg press machine to do calfs. It's the one body part that I can't seem to hit properly on my equipment at home, but loading 240lbs on the sled and pressing with my calves REALLY finished me off. I knew I had had a fantastic workout when, while leaving the gym I stepped off the curb and my leg gave out!

Driving the hour into work in a STICK SHIFT was agony - good agony, but agony non-the-less. My guess is that tomorrow won't be much better. It's a good thing I have access to a pool and will be able to swim for my cardio tomorrow...

So - that's my experiance - just had to share.

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