Monday, August 29, 2005

Today is the first day of my new life.

Last week I heard about a figure compition that is going on in July of next year in my home town. For some reason the thought of that - The challege to get in shape to stand in front of my 'homies' lit a fire in me. It has sparked an excitement in me that I haven’t felt in a LONG time. Even if I didn’t enter (which I'm unlikely to do at this moment) I would like to see how close to ‘competition form’ I could get. It's such a great incentive. Today was the first day of my new commitment and my new ‘tighter’ program. I can’t wait to see the results.

So - I hit the gym at 5:00AM. I did chest, tris and 1 set of abs. I then jumped on the ol' treddie and ran for 20 minutes (25 if you include cool down). I feel the workout - there's no doubt about that. Tomorrow I think I'll do cardio and do a really intense Ab workout.

Last night I got REALLY organized and made THREE DAYS worth of lunches. I'm having the same thing every day for three days, but I should have no problem handling that. Wednesday night I'll create three more days worth of food. Thursday is my 'high carb-high cal' day so it will take a little extra planning and I may change my meals for Friday and Saturday. Sunday - I don't know if I'm going with a full free day or not. I'm still trying to decide. Anyone have any input? anyone? anyone? heh

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