Monday, August 8, 2005

Oh my,

So, how did the rest of my week go?

Well, Thursday was a typical day at work. In other words, it sucked. Then the ferry was super crowded, which always puts me in a bad mood. Then when I got to my car – it wouldn’t start. No, the battery wasn’t dead either, it’s something much more serious then that. My fiancé had to come and get me. He tried my car too, and – nothing.

Sooooo I get home tired, hot cranky and down right frustrated. I actually changed clothes when I got home, but was in NO MOOD to work out. I curled up in the chair and just sat there. That is until my fiancé asked me, “Are you going to workout or are you just going to sit there and pout?”

Frankly I was tempted to just sit there and pout. I had a really nice pity party going on and exercise was not invited. But I got up and ran anyway. I discovered something that annoyed me though. It’s impossible to be depressed while exercising. There’s just too much – something – going on when you push yourself. Whatever emotion you’re trying to suppress just comes bubbling up – and when you feel it, your forced to deal with it. And when you’ve dealt with it, there’s nothing left to feel sorry about. At least that’s what I’ve found.

Friday I was really good nutritionally all day. At 3:00PM when they announced that there was cake in the kitchen, I slipped down to the store and picked up my favorite meal replacement bar instead. That left me feeling like I’d had a treat, and there was no guilt involved. After work I had to make arraignments for my car to be towed. *sigh* Unfortunately, doing all of that took until after 10:30! So I went way too long without eating. Fortunately, I stayed on track and ate sensibly when I finally DID get home. For exercise I walked 2 miles at lunch (with a short break ½ way to get my hair done)

Saturday – ahhh Saturday my free day. After starving Friday night – I made it worse Saturday morning. Still taking care of car issues (the Jeep this time) and we didn’t get breakfast until 1:00PM! I was so hungry I was shaking. I managed to not snarf my food though and though I ate what I wanted I didn’t gorge. I snacked the rest of the day and then had an AMAZING dinner at Indian Oven that night followed by Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream when I got home. What a way to spend a free day.

Sunday I ate clean, shopped for this week and made up my lunches for today. I was really proud of myself for thinking ahead and doing some planning. Later in the evening I was working on the computer (my fiancés) trying to fix a problem when he did it to me again. “You need to do your workout – get out there”

I tried to come up with a reason why I shouldn’t, but he ‘made’ me. I love him for that. I ended up having a killer shoulder and arm workout and still managed to fix the computer problem in the end.

A Great end to a Great week!

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