Friday, August 26, 2005

I really did a number on my legs! I mean WEW! I hobbled and winced and had my legs giving out on me all day yesterday. So, I didn't workout.

BUT - this morning I was up at 4:00AM (that's right you heard me... the chick who couldn't get up before 8:00AM was up at 4:00!) and my honey and I drove down to the gym.

I started with a five minute warm up on the bike. My legs were SCREEMING, then I went over and did back and shoulders. I finished with some crunches and then headed over to the treadmill. I didn't do intervals, there was just no way my legs could take it, but I kept up a pretty high rate of steady state running.

My legs - hate me. Actually, I'm fine as long as I keep moving, but stop and then start again? ow!ow!ow!

I love it!

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