Thursday, August 11, 2005

Indulge me a moment while I vent. I may offend some people, but heck it's my blog right?

Some days I just get so FRUSTRATED with the women who come on to the differnt boards I frequest all in an uproar over thier weight and/or body fat%. Not EVERY woman, but the ones who go... "Oh my GOD - I've got 20 lbs to loose, I'm such a COW...." or.."Oh no, my body fat percentage is 25... what ever will I do..."

I just want to grab them and shake them! I mean LOOK AT ME! I have 78.. that's right 78 pounds to lose... AND I'm at 51% body fat. Yeah!, HALF MY BODY is fat! HEL-LO! Can you just get off your pitty potty and get over it already!

BAH! I feel like having skinny chicks for dinner tonight - any volenteers?

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