Thursday, August 4, 2005

So, other then my measurments - how did I do yesterday?

I had 1 extra meal yesterday then planned. I was just STARVING before my lower body workout so I went ahead and had a MRB. I still didn't manage to journal my food (left my software at work - duh!) so I think yesterday's food was about one quarter of a star.. heh

Legs and Abs! yeah, I got it done! I even pushed my deadlifts to new limits! I ended up doing 20 on the last set instead of 12. I think I need to up the weights a bit on that. I upped leg extensions 5 lbs as well. It's time to stop selling myself short. 1 star for working out!

I drank my limit of pepsi= YAY! and drank more water then normal, but not as much as I had planned. so 1/2 a star.

Journaled and checked in on the forums. Read through some blogs and was throughally focused and motivated 1 star!

I got to bed on time. I had no choice. Ended up falling asleep on the couch shortly after 10:00 duh! didn't take my vitamines though. 1/2 a star

3.25 Stars Better!


So, the Good:

I stayed away from sweets and 'junk' food. I limited my pepsi and did my workout. All things I've very proud of.

The Bad:

I didn't drink as much water as I should have. I ate one extra meal and probably over did it on dinner.

I need to up my water - I've no doubt of that. I'm stepping back a little on the cutting back of pepsi. I woke up feeling SO crappy this morning and there was no doubt in my mind it was lack of caffien. Maybe cut back slower? I don't know.

So my goals for today are:

Eat on plan and FINALLY write things down!

HIIT going to run today because I didn't bring my suit with me so that I could workout at the gym.

Drink more water! 96oz today! And I'm going to allow myself one additional 20 oz soda today. I hate waking up feeling like crap.

Jornal (check) Bodyforlife-tracker (check) blogs.

In bed by 11:00 and girl - take some vitamins!

I've been so worn out lately that I'm seriously thinking of taking a day off just to sleep. I think I need it.

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